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Healthy Legs

Healthy legs are achieved through healthy diet, exercise, and treatment of underlying problems such as varicose veins, arthritis, and injuries. Back problems can frequently cause symptoms in the legs and therefore, a healthy back is essential to healthy legs.  Gravity is our enemy. Standing for long periods of time and lack of activity or exercise has adverse consequences on the circulation, appearance and function of the legs. Healthy legs contribute to a healthy body.  Stay active.


Importance of Compression Stockings

Compression stockings can alleviate some of the symptoms from varicose and spider veins, like pain or swelling, but more importantly they help direct blood flow back to the heart. Dr. Lyon utilizes medical grade compression stockings (20-30MMhg) to complement his procedures which provides his patients with optimal results.


Pregnancy Vein Management

Varicose veins and clotting are two very common problems women face during child bearing years. Traditional “old school” advice was to wait until after child bearing years to treat varicose veins. We now know that this enables unnecessary progression of varicose veins and their associated problems. Our approach is to treat the problems before they are allowed to progress to the problematic stage. Therefore, varicose veins discovered prior to pregnancy or between pregnancies should be treated by minimally invasive techniques when first identified. This prevents the progression to painful and unsightly varicosities and reduces the risk of blood clots and secondary inflammation. Additionally, swelling of the ankles can be minimized during pregnancy by the treatment of varicose veins and the use of specialized venous compression stockings, especially in the final trimester.

Healthy legs contribute to a healthy body.  Stay active.